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Membership Information

Common Ground Farm (CGF) is a for profit community sustained agriculture (CSA) farm that was started in 2009 by John and Pat Joslin. Our mission is to promote healthy life styles by offering locally grown organic produce to those who wish to join in the cooperative through the purchasing of shares in the annual crop. While our produce is not certified organic it is grown following organic standards without involving the bureaucracy and its exorbitant fees. Only organic and natural fertilizers, and organically certified pest or disease control products are used in the growing of the crops. No genetically altered or chemically treated seeds are used in planting.

How does the coop work?

Individuals may purchase an individual, couple, or family size share in the upcoming season’s crop. The number of shares is determined by the estimated yield of the area under planting. A person or family may purchase a half or full share based on their need. Then each Friday and Saturday during the growing season starting in November and running until June 1st the member may pick-up their share on either Friday or Saturday at the farm. Other pick-up arrangements must be made with farm staff ahead of time.

Pick-up time is on Friday from 4-6:30pm and Saturday from 9-11am.

You will need the following forms to complete and bring with you to the farm..

Payment options:

  • A one time full payment (Either at the farm or online using the by selecting the share option that best fits your needs below)
  • Payment monthly to be paid off by October 1st.
  • In any portion you prefer to be paid off by October 1st.

Onine payment and prices

$360.00 each Single Share

Single Share (1 person): picked up every other week during the season.  This should provide enough vegetables for 1person for the 2 week period.

$635.00 each Couples Share

Couple share (2-3 people): picked up every other week during the season.  This should provide enough vegetables for 2-3 people for the 2 week period. 

$1,070.00 each Family Share

Family share (4-6 people): picked up every week during the season.  This should provide enough vegetables for a family of 4-6 each week. 

Prices if you pay at the farm:

Single Share: $345
(1 person)

Couples Share: $545
(2-3 people)

Family Share: $1035
(4-6 people)

(Either of the partial payment options requires you either pay at the farm or via mail. Partial payment options also require an initial $75 non-refundable deposit for a half share and $150 non-refundable deposit for a full share to secure the share which goes towards the cost of the membership if it is not cancelled.)