How We Grow

Our Methods & Measures

tower garden



At the Common Ground Farm we utilize either natural or organic seeds that are purchased from a variety of certified companies. Our seedlings are maintained and processed from a specialized greenhouse.

Above Ground

All of our vegetables, herbs and other produce are container grown to ensure the highest level of quality we demand and our members have come to expect at the Common Ground Farm.


We use a potting mix designed to support the plants in their growth and production. Moreover, the soil is supplemented with organic fertilizers, beneficial bacteria, enzymes, and helpful fungi.



Pest Management

We use only organically OMRI certified products and employ a variety of beneficial insects and other natural pest controls to mitigate that which the above ground method of growing does not by itself eliminate. Harvested produce is stored in our cool room.

Moving Forward

We continually dedicate our efforts to investigating as well as employing even more efficient methods and practices to ensure the quality of produce. Furthermore, we do so with diligence in maintaining our commitment to benefit our ecosystem.