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    The Common Ground Farm is a community sustained agriculture farm. Our mission is to promote healthy life styles by offering locally grown organic produce. For membership information Contact us. Read More
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    CSA consists of a community of individuals who pledge support to a farm operation... ...typically use organic or biodynamic farming methods, and strive to provide fresh, high-quality foods. Read More
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    We want to help you fully understand who we are, what we do, and how you can be a part of it. This article contains several common questions and answers. You may Contact us if you have further question. Read More
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    Choose from a variety of recipes provided to promote healthy living and inspiration for the use of produce yielded at the Common Ground Farm. Read More
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    A listing of the produce grown at the Common Ground Farm. This listing provides images and information of the produce and the growing techniques we use. Read More
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Whether you realize it or not, the first solar panels were not invented by man. The first solar panels can be found in the leaves of each plant we grow on the farm. Each leaf takes the energy of the sun and converts it to food energy for you and me to eat. Without the sun there is no food for you or me.


When people think of a farm they often have images in their mind of what they will find. Often we are asked, "Do you have any animals on the farm?" Well now we can say, "Yes!" When you come out to the farm you will likely be greeted by the two newest members of our farm family Lily and May.


We trully hope that you will enjoy this tasty Sopa Verde Vegetariano recipe offered by Michael Mercado's. See more recipes here.


Milk Truck

Here's a quick run down of the dairy operation.

The cycle I am shooting for is seasonal and is usually geared towards having a cow in milk when the grass is growing vigorously. Another factor is that it is harder on a cow to be in milk with the heat of summer, so there are opposing advantages as to when you keep your cows in milk in Florida.

A heifer can be impregnated for the first time as early as 15 months. The gestation is 9 months so a cow would start producing milk at 24 months at the earliest.


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